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The site was originally established in the summer of 2002. We became stagnant 2007 due to a
reorganization and alteration in the most active participants. However, as of March 2009, we are
active in rebuilding the site. We are continually updating and making significant changes.

What Is Our Purpose

1. The primary reason for establishing the site was to collect information not available through
surveys conducted by the International City/County Management Association, ( ICMA )and other
organizations. A sampling of the subject matter includes, manager divorce rates, the occupation
of elected officials and the logic behind public corruption. It is not our intention to directly
duplicate information that is already available. Data obtained from the surveys and other
research efforts are utilized to provide information on the site.

2. There are very few Internet sites, where local elected officials can obtain information without
substantial cost. A major objective, when the site was first created was to provide information to
elected officials on various topics. If you don't find what you're seeking as an elected official,
please feel free to ask the question. We will do our best to respond within a few days.

3. Another purpose was to present data and information that ICMA cannot offer due to their
status as a professional, nonpartisan and non-bias association. In other words, while ICMA will
provide, publish and present literature pertaining to the various forms of government, they will
not expose corruption, and deliberately confront opposition to their purpose. We can take a
stronger and and address certain issues from a much broader perspective.

4. Another motive is to discuss, examine and offer information on scholarly literature pertaining
to local government. Much has been written about the great divide between the teachers of
public administration and the practitioners.  We evaluate the question posed by many
managers, is scholarly research relevant to the day-to-day needs of the chief administrative

Who Runs the Site

The site is operated by a group of retired and currently employed city managers with primary
guidance and contribution provided by R.J. Intindola. Mr. Intindola is a thirty year veteran in the
field of city management, with tours in Little Rock, Arkansas, Lexington Fayette County,
Kentucky, and a twenty-two year stint as City Manager in Hallandale Beach, Florida.
If you are interested in contributing, please feel free to contact us.

Site Notes:

1. Partisan Affiliation: This site has no partisan affiliations. Presentation of data and the One
Public Management Blog.
2. Sources and References: Whenever possible, sources for information are provided links
for the reader's convenience. References shall be noted whenever applicable.

Site Editor: June Watts Depp

             All Rights Reserved 2009
No contents of this site may be duplicated without the written authorization of the


The general public does not have a
thorough understanding of local
government operations.
There are numerous misconceptions.  

One of the essential purposes of this site
is to provide local officials, and the
general public with a comprehensive
analysis of the city/county manager form
of government.  
Email us at:RJI@CMRJI.COM
       Site Glossary
The equivalent in England of the American city that requires a municipal
corporate charter from the crown. Although rare some local governments still use this
designation within the title of their municipality.  Within the United States, the borough
designation for the name of the city is only predominant in the state of New Jersey.

Burgess: A name originally used in England to describe a freeman of a borough. The
word was later used to describe an elected or a un-elected  official of a municipality;
representative of the borough in England that is a member of the House of Commons.
In the American colonies, the term was used to describe members of the lower house of
the Legislature for Virginia and Maryland.

City Manager: (CM)

Any reference to the title "City Manager", used in a general discussion, shall include any
of the titles listed below or the top administrative/managerial official within local
government or service districts.

City Administrator
Town Manager
Village Manager
Township Manager
Chief Administrative Officer
County Administrator
County Manager

Honest Services Doctrine: The public has a right to expect honest services from
public officials and the performance of their position. The doctrine has been utilized as an
instrument to fight corruption and prosecute violators over the past several years.

International City/County Management Association:  (ICMA)  A professional
association representing nearly nine thousand members serving city, county and other
local public agencies providing services. The association was founded in 1914 with a
mission to enhance professionalism and management principles within local government.
The Association recognizes specific local governments that have legally by ordinance or
charter established one or more professional positions. There are two levels of
recognition.The first category, the council-manager Incorporates strict criteria. The ICMA  
website States the following for the higher level of recognition.

"Compliance with the ICMA recognition criteria is the basis.  Evidence of meeting the
criteria is either an ordinance, resolution, charter, special act of the state legislature, or
another legal document establishing a position of professional management."
recognition information

For additional definitions, go to our site glossary page.

 Glossary Page
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and recommendations.  Although the site is mainly geared toward management, all
contributions on any subjects from sports to sex are welcome.  Please be advised that any
profanity will result in removal of the entry.

   Our hope is that we offer you an unique
perspective on local government. Please
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